VIDA Voices Fashion, My New Designs

A surprise for me to start the year off. I’ve received an interesting email from VIDA (a new fashion e-commerce platform) asking me if I would consider collaborating with them in their Voices Collection as they came across my photographic artwork and “absolutely love it”, in short they would like to see my images on their products.

This was an opportunity I thought that I just couldn’t miss, after all who wouldn’t like to see their work displayed in a fashion house. Looking into their shop I took a liking to the beautiful modal scarves and sleeveless tops and began thinking up ways my photographs would appear on them. At present I have uploaded some 12 designs with more to come in the short term as the attached example images show:

The following link to my collection displays products that would make unique presents, as a bonus when I make ‘Slate Designer’ status by selling 10 items then each of my customers will receive a $25US VIDA gift card so don’t forget to tell your friends also.

VIDA is a Google Ventures backed e-commerce platform bringing together designers from around the world with makers in Pakistan in accordance with high ethical standards, to create original, beautiful products.   The company offers literacy programs for the makers, so that they have opportunity to learn reading, writing and maths, opportunities that they may not have had before. The following YouTube link tells you all about them,

VIDA YouTube Video

There are a lot of abstract designs in my photographic collection which can be viewed on this site, if you like to see any one of them in particular in my VIDA Collection then drop me a line and I’ll organise it.