Unique Gift Opportunity

Last month ago I wrote about a new opportunity where my designs were being used by VIDA (a new fashion e-commerce platform). Since then the shop has expanded rapidly to include over 70 designs on Scarves, Sleeveless Tops,  Modern Tees, Silk Squares and Mens Squares.

If you are looking for that unique gift then this is the right opportunity, the shop is now live and my first customers will receive a bonus $25 USD gift card once I achieve 10 sales.

There are only a few chances left so pay a visit and obtain that gift of a difference for mum, wife, girlfriend or just to please yourself.

For more details go to:  https://shopvida.com/collections/john-wallace

If you would like a particular design on a different item then drop me a line on jwimages@outlook.com

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Flowers just ask to be photographed, I’ll bet that there is no-one who has bought a camera who has not taken a photograph of a flower at some time. Although you can take them outdoors on the plant itself I find that setting them in a studio type environment works much better, to start with there is not all that background clutter of other plants, fences etc and they are not always in the best position to be photographed or lit and of course you would need to get down on your knees in the flower bed. I did say studio environment but this doesn’t mean you need a studio.

I use sheets of black or coloured mounting card as a backdrop and natural daylight, often on the patio. With the flower in a suitable holder it can be rotated to achieve the effect, the backdrop is far enough away that the card doesn’t come in focus and the composition can be better displayed to suit.

Floral display

Floral display



I’ve attached examples of flowers using the black background as examples.

More flower images can be found in this sites galleries as well as high definition versions available through my online shops.